Editorial Contributions

CSRH staff contribute to a range of scholarly publications as editors, guest editors and members of editorial boards.

Editorial roles

  • Addiction: Carla Treloar (Associate Editor)
  • AIDS and Behavior: John de Wit (Associate Editor)
  • AIDS Education and Prevention: Peter Aggleton (Associate Editor)
  • Culture, Health & Sexuality: Peter Aggleton (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Foundations and Futures of Education (Routledge book series): Peter Aggleton (Series Editor)
  • Frontiers: HIV and AIDS: John de Wit (Specialty Chief-Editor)
  • Global Public Health: Peter Aggleton (Senior Editor)
  • Health Education Journal: Peter Aggleton (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Health Education Research: Peter Aggleton (Associate Editor)
  • Health Sociology Review: Joanne Bryant (Joint Editor-in-Chief), Christy Newman (Joint Editor-in-Chief), Peter Aggleton (Senior Editorial Advisor)
  • Hepatitis, Medicine and Policy: Carla Treloar (Associate Editor)
  • HIV/AIDS Research and Treatment: Limin Mao (Editor)
  • International Journal of Drug Policy: Carla Treloar (Associate Editor, Guest Editor)
  • Journal of the International AIDS Society: Martin Holt (Deputy Editor)
  • Psychology & Health: John de Wit (Associate Editor)
  • Sex Education: Peter Aggleton (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Sexuality, Culture and Health (Routledge book series): Peter Aggleton (Series Editor)
  • Social Aspects of HIV (Springer book series): Peter Aggleton (Lead Editor), John de Wit (Co-Editor)

Editorial board memberships

  • African Journal of AIDS: Peter Aggleton
  • AIDS Care: John de Wit
  • Critical Public Health: Peter Aggleton
  • Frontiers: HIV and AIDS: Philippe Adam, Limin Mao
  • Health Education: Peter Aggleton
  • Health Education Journal: Carla Treloar
  • HIV/AIDS and Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Book series): John de Wit
  • International Journal of Sexual Health: Peter Aggleton
  • Journal of the International AIDS Society: Christy Newman
  • Open Journal of Preventative Medicine: Limin Mao
  • Sexualidad, Salud y Sociedad – Revista Latinoamericana: Peter Aggleton
  • Youth Studies Australia: Joanne Bryant