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    Book Chapters Drysdale K;Wong K, 2019, '(In Press) Sensory Ethnography', in Atkinson P; Delamont S; Hardy M; Williams M (ed.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Research Methods
    Reports Broady T;Mao L;Lee E;Bavinton B;Howes F;Brown C;Owen L;Prestage G;Holt M, 2019, Gay Community Periodic Survey: Tasmania 2018, Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Sydney, Sydney
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    Journal articles Gibson AF;Broom A;Kirby E;Wyld DK;Lwin Z, 2018, '‘… My biggest worry now is how my husband is going to cope’: women’s relational experiences of cancer ‘care’ during illness', Journal of Gender Studies, vol. 27, pp. 901 - 913,
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    Conference Presentations Newman CE;Aggleton P;Lea T, 2018, 'Accounting for memories of belonging among two generations of queer school kids', presented at Critical Health Education Studies Conference, Queenstown, 29 May - 01 June 2018