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    Journal articles Lee E;Chambers GM;Hale L;Illingworth P;Wilton L, 2018, 'Assisted reproductive technology (ART) cumulative live birth rates following preimplantation genetic diagnosis for aneuploidy (PGD-A) or morphological assessment of embryos: A cohort analysis', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, vol. 58, pp. 525 - 532,
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    Journal articles Zablotska IB;Gray R;Whittaker B;Holt M;Wright E;Prestage G;O'Donnell D;Grulich AE, 2018, 'The estimated number of potential PrEP users among gay-identifying men who have sex with men in Australia', PLoS ONE, vol. 13,
    Journal articles Wilkinson AL;Draper BL;Pedrana AE;Asselin J;Holt M;Hellard ME;Stoové M, 2018, 'Measuring and understanding the attitudes of Australian gay and bisexual men towards biomedical HIV prevention using cross-sectional data and factor analyses', Sexually transmitted infections, vol. 94, pp. 309 - 314,
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    Conference Presentations Bras M;Kippax S;Mayer K;Holt M, 2018, 'Publish or perish: how to write and submit a research manuscript', presented at International AIDS Conference, Amsterdam, 23 - 27 July 2018
    Conference Presentations Holt M;Newman C;Hughes S, 2018, '“We’re gonna let the wildebeest go”: PrEP, problematisation and selective evidence in Australia', presented at 4th International Conference on the Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV, Amsterdam, 20 - 23 July 2018
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    Journal articles Down I;Prestage G;Brown G;Ellard J;Guy R;Hellard M;Wilson D;De Wit J;Stoové M;Holt M, 2018, 'Comparing Australian gay and bisexual men with undiagnosed and recently diagnosed HIV infection to those in the National HIV Registry', Sexual Health, vol. 15, pp. 276 - 281,