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    Conference Presentations Newman CE;Persson A;Drysdale K;Rance J;Hamilton M;valentine K;bryant J;Wallace J, 2018, '"I found out I have HIV but it's all good, I'm on medication": The deployment of biomedical technologies in HIV and viral hepatitis family disclosure narratives', presented at 2018 In Sickness and in Health Conference, Sydney, 07 - 09 June 2018
    Journal articles Bajis S;Maher L;Treloar C;Hajarizadeh B;Lamoury FM J;Mowat Y;Schulz M;Marshall AD;Cunningham EB;Cock V;Ezard N;Gorton C;Hayllar J;Smith J;Whelan M;Martinello M;Applegate TL;Dore GJ;Grebely J, 2018, 'Acceptability and preferences of point-of-care finger-stick whole-blood and venepuncture hepatitis C virus testing among people who inject drugs in Australia', International Journal of Drug Policy, vol. 61, pp. 23 - 30,
    Conference Presentations Rance J;Lafferty L;Treloar C, 2018, 'The Matter of Reinfection: Attitudes among Australian Prisoners from the SToP-C Study', presented at Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference 2018, Adelaide, 13 - 15 August 2018
    Journal articles Madden A;Hopwood M;Neale J;Treloar C, 2018, 'Acceptability of Patient-Reported Outcome and Experience Measures for Hepatitis C Treatment Among People Who Use Drugs', Patient,
    Reports Hopwood M;Drysdale K;Treloar C, 2018, ‘Sunshine on a rainy day’: Crystal methamphetamine use among gay and bisexual men in Perth, Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Sydney, Sydney,
    Journal articles Mao L;Buchanan A;Wong HT H;Persson A, 2018, 'Beyond mere pill taking: SMS reminders for HIV treatment adherence delivered to mobile phones of clients in a community support network in Australia', Health and Social Care in the Community, vol. 26, pp. 486 - 494,
    Journal articles Newman C;Hughes S;Persson A;Truong HH M;Holt M, 2018, 'Promoting ‘Equitable Access’ to PrEP in Australia: Taking Account of Stakeholder Perspectives', AIDS and Behavior,
    Journal articles Bui H;Zablotska-Manos I;Hammoud M;Jin F;Lea T;Bourne A;Iversen J;Bath N;Grierson J;Degenhardt L;Prestage G;Maher L, 2018, 'Prevalence and correlates of recent injecting drug use among gay and bisexual men in Australia: Results from the FLUX study', International Journal of Drug Policy, vol. 55, pp. 222 - 230,
    Journal articles Hammoud MA;Vaccher S;Jin F;Bourne A;Haire B;Maher L;Lea T;Prestage G, 2018, 'The new MTV generation: Using methamphetamine, Truvada™ and Viagra™ to enhance sex and stay safe', International Journal of Drug Policy, vol. 55, pp. 197 - 204,
    Journal articles Pienaar K;Murphy DA;Race K;Lea T, 2018, 'Problematising LGBTIQ drug use, governing sexuality and gender: A critical analysis of LGBTIQ health policy in Australia', International Journal of Drug Policy, vol. 55, pp. 187 - 194,