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    Reports Hopwood MN;Treloar C;de Wit J, 2017, ‘Comfortable in my own skin’: Stigma, mental health and wellbeing among married men who have sex with men, Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Sydney, Sydney,
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    Journal articles Newman CE;Gray R;Brener L;Jackson LC;Dillon A;Saunders V;Johnson P;Treloar C, 2017, '"i had a little bit of a bloke meltdown...But the next day, i was up": Understanding cancer experiences among aboriginal men', Cancer Nursing, vol. 40, pp. E1 - E8,
    Reports Lea T;Wagner S;Anning M;Holt M, 2017, Barriers to HIV prevention and care among gay men in Tasmania: Final report, Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Sydney, Sydney,
    Journal articles Jamil MS;Guy RJ;Bavinton BR;Fairley CK;Grulich AE;Holt M;Smith KS;Chen M;Mcnulty AM;Conway DP;Keen P;Bradley J;Russell D;Kaldor JM;Prestage G, 2017, 'HIV testing self-efficacy is associated with higher HIV testing frequency and perceived likelihood to self-test among gay and bisexual men', Sexual Health, vol. 14, pp. 170 - 178,
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    Reports Bell SA;Edmonds R, 2017, A technical note on participatory research with children., Consortium for Street Children