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    Journal articles Bryant J;Ellard J;Howard J;Treloar C, 2017, 'Young people at risk of transitioning to injecting: what do they know about where to get sterile needles?', Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies, vol. 12, pp. 138 - 146,
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    Journal articles Lancaster K;Seear K;Ritter A, 2017, 'Making medicine; producing pleasure: A critical examination of medicinal cannabis policy and law in Victoria, Australia', International Journal of Drug Policy,
    Journal articles Pienaar K;Moore D;Fraser S;Kokanovic R;Treloar C;Dilkes-Frayne E, 2017, 'Diffracting addicting binaries: An analysis of personal accounts of alcohol and other drug ‘addiction’', Health (United Kingdom), vol. 21, pp. 519 - 537,
    Journal articles Holt M;Lea T;Schmidt HM;Kolstee J;Ellard J;Murphy D;Truong HH;De Wit J, 2017, 'Willingness to use and have sex with men taking HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP): Results of online surveys of Australian gay and bisexual men, 2011-2015', Sexually Transmitted Infections, vol. 93, pp. 438 - 444,
    Book Chapters Iyer P;Aggleton P, 2017, 'Using Published Material to Trace the History of Sex Education in England: Conducting a Critical Literature Review', in SAGE Research Methods Cases, SAGE, London
    Journal articles Robotin MC;Porwal M;Hopwood M;Nguyen D;Sze M;Treloar C;George J, 2017, 'Listening to the consumer voice: developing multilingual cancer information resources for people affected by liver cancer', Health Expectations, vol. 20, pp. 171 - 182,
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