Elderly Prisoners in New South Wales

Project Status: Current
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Eileen Baldry
Research Areas: Viral Hepatitis, Injecting Drug Use & Harm Reduction

The elderly prison population has been steadily over the past decade and may face a number of health issues, as well as concerns for resettlement in the general community post-release. This population remain relatively unstudied which is of concern due to the growing number of health issues that this group face. Researchers from UNSW Sydney and Corrective Services NSW are conducting a study about elderly prisoners in New South Wales, looking at their demographic characteristics, concerns around resettlement post-release and their knowledge and perceptions of personal risk to hepatitis C in a high-prevalence setting (incarceration). This project forms part of a broader multi-national comparative study that aims to develop an understanding of the ‘life world’ of elderly prisoners in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Sweden. The study was originally designed by Professor Yoko Hosoi at Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan and funded by the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science. The New Zealand and Japanese studies have already been completed.