Chemical Practices: Drug Enhancement and Experimentation

Project Status: Current
People Involved: Toby Lea
Research Areas: Viral Hepatitis, Injecting Drug Use & Harm Reduction
Funding Agency: Australian Research Council Discovery Project
Non-Staff Involved: Kane Race (University of Sydney), Kiran Pienaar (Monash University)

The use of drugs for a wide range of purposes is an increasingly prominent feature of pharmaceutical markets and lifestyle practices. As pharmaceutical markets expand, the distinction between therapeutic and illicit drugs is put in question. The modification of sexual and gendered experience has become a key site for this expansion. But drug consumption can give rise to serious dangers in certain circumstances. This project will research the chemical practices of sexual and gender minorities in Australia and investigate how health agencies have sought to address them. This will enable a better understanding of the use of drugs and medications for various purposes and provide crucial information for the improvement of public health services.

This project is being led by Associate Professor Kane Race (Department of Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney).