Ageing and people living with HIV/viral hepatitis in the ACT

Project Status: Current
People Involved: Limin Mao, Christy Newman, Carla Treloar, Martin Holt
Research Areas: HIV & Sexual Health Risk & Risk Reduction; Viral Hepatitis, Injecting Drug Use & Harm Reduction
Funding Agency: ACT Health
Non-Staff Involved: Cathy Thomson (UNSW Social Policy Research Centre)

People living with long-term infections such as viral hepatitis or HIV face unique challenges as they age. Treatment side effects may hasten the ageing process, and/or predispose people to other medical issues. Chronic conditions and multiple co-morbidities are common in people with long-term viral hepatitis and/or HIV infection. In addition, people living with viral hepatitis and/or HIV may be confronted with the fear of discrimination and stigma when disclosing their status and accessing health care services.

By engaging predominantly with the BBV/STI healthcare workforce and other key stakeholders, this project considers whether ageing is impacting people living with HIV and viral hepatitis in the ACT, and if so how, to what extent and what evidence is available.