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STIPU Music Festivals Evaluation Current

Funding Agency: NSW Ministry of Health (BRISE)
People Involved: Limin Mao

As part of the NSW Sexual Health Promotion Framework, the NSW Sexually Transmissible Infections Programs Unit (STIPU) have established the Music Festivals Project, a sexual health social marketing intervention initiative (running from September 2017 to October 2019). The target audience is young…

STOP-C: Trialling treatment as prevention for hepatitis C virus in prison Current

Funding Agency: NHMRC, NSW Ministry of Health
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Jake Rance, Lise Lafferty

A sub-study of acceptability and feasibility

The new generation of hepatitis C treatment medications will provide shorter, more efficacious and more tolerable treatment experiences than current regimes. Further, modelling work has demonstrated the possibility of treatment as prevention for…

Stigma Indicators Monitoring Project Current

Funding Agency: Australian Government Department of Health
People Involved: John de Wit, Carla Treloar, Loren Brener, Max Hopwood, Timothy Broady

The aim of this study is to develop an indicator of stigma among priority groups identified by the five national strategies addressing blood borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections, including men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, people living with HIV, people living with…

Stigma Interventions Current

Funding Agency: Australasian Society for HIV Medicine
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Max Hopwood, Limin Mao

This ASHM-led project aims to address systemic barriers, stigma and discrimination to increase access to the health system by people at risk of or living with hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV. The project will progress in two major stages: in year one interventions aimed at reducing stigma,…

Stigma Reduction Interventions: Digital Environments (STRIDE) Current

Funding Agency: beyondblue
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Max Hopwood, John de Wit

This project is an evaluation of an online intervention for two groups: (1) men living with HIV; (2) married men who have sex with men. The interventions aimed to address mental health symptoms (anxiety and depression) and social isolation. This project also included a qualitative study of married…

StraightMSM Study: Heterosexually-Identified Men Who Have Sex With Men Current

Funding Agency: NSW Ministry of Health (BRISE)
People Involved: Christy Newman, Asha Persson, Denton Callander, Martin Holt, John de Wit

The primary focus of this exploratory, qualitative project, funded by BRISE, was to interview a range of professionals employed in health services, health promotion and other relevant roles to document their expert views on the experiences and needs of straight-identified MSM in New South Wales.…

Supporting best practice for sexual and gender minority AOD clients Current

Funding Agency: NSW Health
People Involved: Toby Lea, Loren Brener, Martin Holt

Evaluation of ACON’s Substance Support Service

ACON’s Substance Support Service provides individual, outpatient counselling to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people experiencing problems with alcohol and other drug (AOD) use. The service is one of few AOD…

Systems to optimise treatment, care and support among people diagnosed with HIV Current

Funding Agency: NHMRC Partnership Project Grant
People Involved: Limin Mao, Asha Persson

Immediate treatment of people diagnosed with HIV infection has become a key public health intervention, based on recent evidence confirming treatment suppresses the virus to undetectable levels, and effectively eliminates the risk of transmission to sexual partners. Our partnership will identify…

The Observe Study Current

Funding Agency: NSW Ministry of Health (BRISE)
People Involved: Joanne Bryant, Limin Mao, Carla Treloar

Understanding barriers and facilitators to the take up of new direct-acting antiviral hepatitis C treatment

This project will collect information from people who inject drugs (PWID) about their experiences with new direct-acting antiviral (DAA) treatments for hepatitis C. People who inject drugs…

The PrEPARE Project Current

Funding Agency: NSW Ministry of Health
People Involved: Martin Holt, Toby Lea, John de Wit

The PrEPARE Project is investigating the attitudes of gay and bisexual men to new HIV prevention technologies, particularly pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and treatment as prevention. The first phase of the project, conducted in 2011–2012, involved an online survey of over 1500 men and…