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The impact of alcohol and drug use on the diagnosis and management of depression in gay men: a sub-study of the primary health care project on HIV and depression Archive

Funding Agency: beyondblue, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
People Involved: Christy Newman, Joanne Bryant, Martin Holt

A three-year study funded by NHMRC, the Primary Health Care Project on HIV and Depression, was completed in 2009. With funding from beyondblue–the national depression initiative, further research was conducted to more closely explore the issues associated with alcohol and drug use in data…

The making of HIV and heterosexuality in the mainstream Australian print media Archive

Funding Agency: UNSW Arts & Social Sciences
People Involved: Christy Newman, Asha Persson

This project was funded by a UNSW Faculty Research Grant to explore the role of the mainstream media in the production and circulation of social and cultural knowledge about HIV, and as an important source of information about HIV for the broader population in Australia, those not explicitly…

The real deal in hepatitis C prevention: automatic influences on injecting behaviour Archive

Funding Agency: NSW Health, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Jake Rance

Phase 1 of this project involved collecting video recordings of clients injecting at the Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre and then conducting interviews with these clients after they had reviewed the video footage of their injecting episode. Phase 2 of the project, funded by NSW…

Top girls: middle class privilege and agentic practice Archive

Funding Agency: Economic and Social Research Council, United Kingdom, UNSW Strategic Funding
People Involved: Peter Aggleton

This study extends recently completed work on agentic practice among privileged young women in England. It is examining how young women attending four private schools in Southern England act powerfully across various aspects of their lives, including in their education and in relationships with…

Treatment as Prevention study Archive
People Involved: Martin Holt, Asha Persson

CSRH is conducting a study examining HIV-positive gay men’s attitudes to HIV ‘treatment as prevention’.


Clinical trial results indicate that being on HIV antiretroviral therapy significantly reduces the viral load of an HIV-positive person and therefore reduces the…

Trending Sexual Health Archive
People Involved: John de Wit, Limin Mao, Philippe Adam

This project is led by Family Planning NSW, in collaboration with the Centre for Social Research in Health and ACON. The CSRH team is leading the evaluation component to assess the feasibility, acceptability, extent of engagement and effectiveness of new national online resources (websites and…

UNSW hepatitis C vaccine initiative: knowledge of, and willingness to participate in, vaccine trials Archive

Funding Agency: UNSW Strategic Funding, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
People Involved: Carla Treloar

The component conducted by CSRH involved a qualitative investigation of the knowledge of hepatitis C vaccine trials among people who inject drugs, and of the factors that would influence their decision to take part in such a trial.

Understanding and Preventing Hepatitis C within Sexual Partnerships Archive

Funding Agency: NHMRC Project Grant, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Joanne Bryant, Jake Rance, Suzanne Fraser

This is a qualitative study focusing on the sharing of drug injecting equipment within sexual relationships between people who inject drugs. This context of sharing is of central concern to public health as surveillance data from a number of sources shows that the majority of equipment sharing…

Understanding global biomedical technologies in local realities: The case of couples with mixed HIV status in Papua New Guinea Archive

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council
People Involved: Asha Persson, Stephen Bell

It is frequently assumed that biomedical technologies designed to treat and prevent disease, if given equitable access, will have uniform or predictable effects irrespective of the local context in which they are used or consumed. Our research will produce new understandings of the promises,…