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Crystal, pleasure and sex between men Current

Funding Agency: NHMRC Project Grant, Department of Health Western Australia
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Gary Dowsett, Max Hopwood, Martin Holt, Toby Lea, Peter Aggleton, Joanne Bryant, Kerryn Drysdale

The Crystal, Pleasures and Sex between Men project was funded by the NHMRC and WA Health and began in 2017.

Crystal methamphetamine (aka ice, crystal, tina, meth) has had a particular impact on the gay community, where it is often used in sexual contexts such as dance parties, sex parties,…

Cybersex Study Project Archive

Funding Agency: NSW Health, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
People Involved: Philippe Adam, John de Wit

During the last decade or so, the increasing popularity of the internet as a way to meet sex partners coincided with an increase in sexual risk-taking and HIV incidence among men who have sex with men (MSM). A three-wave online prospective study was conducted to first obtain a comprehensive…

Deadly Liver Mob Current

Funding Agency: NHMRC Partnership Project Grant
People Involved: Carla Treloar, John de Wit, Max Hopwood

Engaging Aboriginal people in viral hepatitis, HIV and sexual health services

The Deadly Liver Mob (DLM) is a health promotion program that aims to promote a holistic approach to healthy living, by providing Aboriginal people with bloodborne virus (particularly hepatitis C) and sexually…

ETHOS II Current

Funding Agency: NSW Ministry of Health, NHMRC
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Jake Rance, Max Hopwood

Enhancing Treatment of Hepatitis C in Opioid Substitution Settings

This study aims to evaluate the impact of an intervention integrating non-invasive liver disease screening on HCV assessment and treatment in drug and alcohol clinics, and to develop a translational framework for subsequent…

Elderly Prisoners in New South Wales Current
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Eileen Baldry

The elderly prison population has been steadily over the past decade and may face a number of health issues, as well as concerns for resettlement in the general community post-release. This population remain relatively unstudied which is of concern due to the growing number of health issues that…

Evaluation of Deadly Liver Mob: pilot study Current

Funding Agency: NSW Ministry of Health (BRISE), Western Sydney LHD, Nepean Blue Mountains LHD
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Max Hopwood

Sexual health and hepatitis C health promotion targeting Aboriginal people Western Sydney

The Deadly Liver Mob (DLM) incorporates a peer driven intervention to encourage people to be educated about BBV and then recruit and educate their peers to the DLM. DLM is conducted by the harm reduction…

Evaluation of NSP Service Models in Sydney West Archive

Funding Agency: NSW Health, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Limin Mao

This study will describe the costs of NSP service provision and patterns of client access to services in one area of NSW with a view to developing a model of service mix based on cost, client access and preference.


Western Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains Needle and Syringe… (PDF) [1 Mb]

Evaluation of NSW Extended Distribution Pilot Project Archive

Funding Agency: NSW Health, Australian Government Department of Health
People Involved: Joanne Bryant, Loren Brener

This project is evaluating the first-ever trial of authorised peer distribution in a NSW setting, by describing the extent and nature of authorised peer distribution, the ways in which staff and police managed it, and the potential risks and benefits attached to the authorisation from the…

Evaluation of NUAA's NSP Services Archive

Funding Agency: NSW Users & AIDS Association, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
People Involved: Loren Brener, Joanne Bryant

This project evaluated some of the needle and syringe programs provided by the NSW Users & AIDS Association, in order to explore the characteristics of consumers’ accessing the NSP services, the method and effectiveness of the outreach of the NSP and outreach services, consumer and…

Evaluation of a model for assessment and treatment of hepatitis C virus among injecting drug users in the opiate pharmacotherapy setting (ETHOS) Archive

Funding Agency: NHMRC Project Grant, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Jake Rance

Worldwide there has been growing interest in the provision of care and treatment for hepatitis C virus infection in opiate pharmacotherapy treatment programs. The ETHOS project was a prospective, observational trial in nine opiate pharmacotherapy clinics in NSW involving the establishment of…