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Crystal, pleasure and sex between men Current

Funding Agency: NHMRC Project Grant, Department of Health Western Australia
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Gary Dowsett, Max Hopwood, Martin Holt, Toby Lea, Peter Aggleton, Joanne Bryant, Kerryn Drysdale

The Crystal, Pleasures and Sex between Men project was funded by the NHMRC and WA Health and began in 2017.

Crystal methamphetamine (aka ice, crystal, tina, meth) has had a particular impact on the gay community, where it is often used in sexual contexts such as dance parties, sex parties,…

Gender and diversity education project Archive

Funding Agency: Brazilian Special Secretariat of Policies for Women, Brazilian Special Secretariat for the Promotion of Racial Equality, Brazilian Ministry of Education, British Council Australia, Latin American Centre on Sexuality and Human Rights, UNSW Strategic Funding
People Involved: Peter Aggleton

Against the background of concern to promote social inclusion in schools, this project led to the development of an English language resource, entitled Diversity in School, consisting of four innovative modules addressing cultural diversity and ethnocentrism, gender diversity, sexuality and sexual…

It’s Your (Love) Life Survey Current

Funding Agency: NSW Health, Australian Government Department of Health
People Involved: Philippe Adam, John de Wit

Periodic survey of sexual health, condom use and testing for STIs among young people

Young people are a key priority population for the prevention and management of sexually transmissible infections (STIs). Building on previous CSRH research on sexual health, a new (online) periodic survey among…

Living with HIV and cultural diversity in Sydney Archive

The aim of this study was to explore how living with HIV and being a migrant from an ethnic minority background interact and how these contingencies intersect with gender and sexual orientation in shaping the lives of individuals. It was a follow-up study to an earlier study which investigated the…

Marriage Equality Evidence Review Archive
People Involved: Max Hopwood, Carla Treloar

Marriage equality remains out of reach for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in Australia. Despite years of advocacy on the part of LGBTI communities and their allies this issue has not yet been resolved. It is within this context that this review of the evidence…

NSW Youth Sexual Health Framework Support M&E Current

Funding Agency: NSW Ministry of Health (BRISE)
People Involved: Limin Mao

The main objectives of this work is to provide M&E technical support to LHDs and other government or community-based organisations across NSW, guided by the NSW Sexual Health Promotion Framework. In particular, it focuses on monitoring and evaluation of sexual health promotion program delivery…

Play Safe and Live Nation Projects Current

Funding Agency: Australian Government Department of Health, NSW Health
People Involved: Philippe Adam, John de Wit

Informing and evaluating online sexual health promotion for young people in NSW.

The Centre for Social Research in Health has been commissioned to inform and evaluate two major sexual health promotion initiative in NSW: Play Safe and Live Nation.

Play Safe is an initiative to promote sexual…

Project 1626: Condom use and hepatitis C knowledge among young people Archive

Funding Agency: NSW Health, Australian Government Department of Health
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Joanne Bryant, Philippe Adam, Toby Lea

The aims of this project were to conduct a pilot study of an online survey of (1) young people exposed to injecting, to examine their knowledge regarding hepatitis C prevention and transmission, and to examine the factors associated with high/low levels of knowledge, and (2) of young people more…

Queer Generations Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council Discovery Project
People Involved: Peter Aggleton, Toby Lea, Christy Newman

Belonging and sexual citizenship among gender and sexual minority youth

Something like one in four young Australians are likely to experience serious mental health difficulties, disrupting education, relationships and work. Young people from gender and sexual minorities are especially prone to…

STIPU Music Festivals Evaluation Current

Funding Agency: NSW Ministry of Health (BRISE)
People Involved: Limin Mao

As part of the NSW Sexual Health Promotion Framework, the NSW Sexually Transmissible Infections Programs Unit (STIPU) have established the Music Festivals Project, a sexual health social marketing intervention initiative (running from September 2017 to October 2019). The target audience is young…