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ACT Health Stigma Current

Funding Agency: ACT Health
People Involved: Loren Brener, Lise Lafferty, Christy Newman, Carla Treloar

CSRH has been commissioned by ACT Health to undertake research to examine stigma and discrimination experienced among priority populations affected by sexually transmissible infections (STI) and blood borne viruses (BBV) in the ACT. The aim of this research is to, research and benchmark best…

Ageing and people living with HIV/viral hepatitis in the ACT Current

Funding Agency: ACT Health
People Involved: Limin Mao, Christy Newman, Carla Treloar, Martin Holt

People living with long-term infections such as viral hepatitis or HIV face unique challenges as they age. Treatment side effects may hasten the ageing process, and/or predispose people to other medical issues. Chronic conditions and multiple co-morbidities are common in people with long-term…

Asian Gay Men's Community Survey Current

Funding Agency: CALD Gay Men Action Group
People Involved: Limin Mao

The research study is aiming to conduct a comprehensive assessment of HIV prevention needs among men who have sex with men of Asian background who are currently living in Sydney.

In Sydney, similar HIV&STI-focused behavioural surveillance among gay Asian men was conducted in 1999 and 2002. A…

Community-based study of undiagnosed HIV and testing (COUNT study) Current

Funding Agency: NHMRC Partnership Project Grant
People Involved: Martin Holt

The COUNT study is designed to provide robust estimates of the prevalence of HIV and undiagnosed infection among gay and bisexual men and identify factors associated with undiagnosed infection. An earlier version of the study was conducted in 2013-14. During 2018, participants of the Sydney Gay…

Crystal, pleasure and sex between men Current

Funding Agency: NHMRC Project Grant, Department of Health Western Australia
People Involved: Carla Treloar, Gary Dowsett, Max Hopwood, Martin Holt, Toby Lea, Peter Aggleton, Joanne Bryant, Kerryn Drysdale

The Crystal, Pleasures and Sex between Men project was funded by the NHMRC and WA Health and began in 2017.

Crystal methamphetamine (aka ice, crystal, tina, meth) has had a particular impact on the gay community, where it is often used in sexual contexts such as dance parties, sex parties,…

Following Lives Undergoing Change (FLUX) Current

Funding Agency: Australian Research Council
People Involved: Toby Lea

The Flux study is a longitudinal cohort study investigating drug use among gay and bisexual men. The study aims to identify factors associated with current drug use, future uptake, or cessation of drug use, as well as changes in patterns of drug use, and the consequences of drug use. Flux is a…

Frequency of Online Rapid Testing at Home (FORTH) Current

Funding Agency: Australian Government Department of Health, NHMRC Program Grant
People Involved: Martin Holt

The recently revised National HIV Testing Policy prohibits the use of home-based rapid HIV testing, but encourages exploratory research on the issue. This project is comparing the acceptability of clinic-based conventional HIV testing and home-based, self-administered HIV testing for gay men at…

Gay Community Periodic Surveys Current

Funding Agency: ACT Health, NSW Health, Queensland Department of Health, WA Health, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, SA Health, Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services
People Involved: Martin Holt, Toby Lea, Limin Mao, Timothy Broady

The Gay Community Periodic Surveys are repeated, cross-sectional surveys of gay men, conducted in the metropolitan areas of seven Australian states and territories.

They are a key part of Australia’s behavioural surveillance system for HIV, monitoring sexual practices, drug use and patterns…

HIV Prevention Revolution Current

Funding Agency: NHMRC Partnership Project Grant
People Involved: Martin Holt, Limin Mao

Measuring outcomes and maximising effectiveness

In this NHMRC Partnership Grant (led by The Kirby Institute) implementation research will be undertaken to optimise new biomedical prevention and HIV testing tools at a population level. New South Wales is the ideal location to undertake this…

HIV Testing and Counselling in Europe Current

Funding Agency: HIV in Europe
People Involved: John de Wit, Stephen Bell

HIV testing and counselling is a critical gateway to further services, and is essential for effective HIV prevention and treatment (WHO, 2012 (PDF)). In many European countries, HIV testing efforts are failing to identify HIV infections early enough, and substantial proportions of people with HIV are…