Podcast: SpeakEasy with Annie Madden and Carla Treloar

Annie Madden and Professor Carla Treloar have dedicated much of their lives to working in taboo fields of research: blood borne viruses and drug users. These two brilliant minds bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge and insight to real world subjects in SpeakEasy, holding engaging conversations with very special guests each episode.

SpeakEasy AVHEC19 with Joanne Bryant and the Cairns Hepatitis Action Team

It's Australasian Viral Hepatitis Elimination Conference time and once again Carla and Annie are ‘in the mix’ chatting to an assortment of keynote speakers and other amazing people at the forefront of hepatitis elimination across Australia & NZ. First up, Annie & Carla talk ‘counter-publics’, ‘lay experts’ and power dynamics in health promotion with A/Prof Joanne Bryant. Next up, a change of pace with the Cairns Hepatitis Action Team talking about their “surprise” at winning the 2018 HCV Health Promotion Resource Competition and what they did with the loot!

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Making sense of ‘side effects’: Counterpublic health in the era of direct-acting antivirals (2019), International Journal of Drug Policy. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.drugpo.2019.06.002
Evidence-making interventions in health: A conceptual framing https://doi.org/10.1016/j.socscimed.2019.112488
“Doing the devil’s work”: Emotional labour and stigma in expanding Needle and Syringe Programs https://doi.org/10.3109/09687637.2015.1057553
Hepatitis C prevention still essential despite advances in treatment https://newsroom.unsw.edu.au/news/health/hep-c-prevention-still-necessary-despite-advances-treatment
Cairns Hepatitis Action Team https://www.cairnshepc.com/
Movie: You can't hep that https://www.cairnshepc.com/movie-you-can-t-hep-that
Technical review of hepatitis C health promotion resources http://unsworks.unsw.edu.au/fapi/datastream/unsworks:11089/SOURCE01?view=true
National Competition for Excellence in Hepatitis C Promotion 2019 https://csrh.arts.unsw.edu.au/research/competitions/hepatitis-c-prize/

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Produced by Joanna Holcombe

SpeakEasy Season Four

Annie Madden and Professor Carla Treloar have dedicated much of their lives to working in taboo fields of research: blood borne viruses and drug users. These two brilliant minds bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge and insight to real world subjects in SpeakEasy, holding engaging conversations with very special guests each episode.

SpeakEasy World Hepatitis Day 2019 Special Episode

For this very special 2019 World Hepatitis Day episode, Annie and Carla talk with Australian researchers Dr Tanya Applegate from The Kirby Institute and Professor Margaret Hellard AM from The Burnet Institute about the ‘awesomely massive’ “Accelerating the elimination of viral hepatitis: a Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology Commission” and discuss the power of collaboration in the global fight against viral hepatitis.

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Accelerating the elimination of viral hepatitis: a Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology Commission doi.org/10.1016/S2468-1253(18)30270-X
Preliminary analysis of the Prime Study; A randomized controlled trial comparing the hepatitis C care cascade in primary care vs. tertiary care doi.org/10.1016/S0168-8278(18)30848-1

SpeakEasy with Jules Kim

Carla Treloar and Annie Madden welcome Jules Kim, Scarlet Alliance CEO, to the SpeakEasy lounge to do some sex work myth busting and discuss the importance of Scarlet Alliance, the national peak body for sex worker organisations that pursues equity and justice in the sex work industry.

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Scarlet Alliance website http://www.scarletalliance.org.au/
Scarlet Alliance on Twitter https://twitter.com/scarletalliance

Harm Reduction International 2019 Special Episodes

Annie and Carla attended the Harm Reduction International Conference 2019 in late April, mingling with bright minds and courageous members of the harm reduction scene. They tapped their favourites, found some quiet(ish) corners and got down to the nitty-gritty of what's really happening in harm reduction around the world.

S04 SpeakEasy with Graham Brown and Andrew Scheibe

It’s our final HR19 episode this week. First up, Carla steps outside (literally) with Graham Brown to discuss the ‘spaghetti and meatballs’ project on peer-led programs, also known as What, Works and Why or W3. Our final guest of the special HR19 episodes is Andrew Scheibe from Cape Town, South Africa. Andrew is an harm reduction implementer, with a focus on implementation science that is valid in local contexts.

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W3 (What Works and Why) w3project.org.au
Graham Brown scholars.latrobe.edu.au/display/g4brown
TB HIV Care www.tbhivcare.org
Andrew Scheibe www.researchgate.net/profile/Andrew_Scheibe

S04 SpeakEasy with Zoe Dodd: Fighting to win

As part of a series of interviews from HRI19, in this episode Annie and Carla speak with legendary activist Zoe Dodd about setting up a ‘pop-up’ SIF (safe injecting facility), her Masters research and life and politics on the frontlines of the Canadian OD crisis.

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Zoe Dodd https://twitter.com/ZoeDodd
Toronto Overdose Prevention Society https://twitter.com/TorontoOPS

S04 SpeakEasy with Carol Strike and Gillian Kolla: where research and frontline service delivery meet

In this second episode from the Harm Reduction International Conference 2019, Carla and Annie catch up with Carol Strike and Gillian Kolla -- legends from the frontlines of the overdose crisis in Toronto, Canada -- about police and their attitudes to safe injecting facilities, setting up an unsanctioned safe injecting site in a public park in Toronto and issues in doing research with highly criminalised communities.

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Creating and sustaining cooperative relationships between supervised injection services and police: A qualitative interview study of international stakeholders https://doi.org/10.1016/j.drugpo.2018.08.001
A scoping review of harm reduction training for police officers https://doi.org/10.1111/dar.12904
Canada's overdose crisis: authorities are not acting fast enough https://doi.org/10.1016/S2468-2667(19)30040-4
Toronto Overdose Prevention Service https://twitter.com/TorontoOPS
Gillian Kolla https://twitter.com/gilliankolla

S04 SpeakEasy with Garth Mullins: from the frontline of Harm Reduction International 2019

Garth Mullins, host of the Crackdown podcast (and Carla and Annie's podcast crush), landed in the SpeakEasy lounge at the Harm Reduction International Conference to discuss the frontline of the war on drugs, bringing activism and science together and punching up (not down) with his podcast about drugs, drug policy and the drug war.

The health, well-being and lives of people who use drugs are at crisis around the world. These issues were highlighted at the Harm Reduction Conference in Porto where this episode was recorded. We acknowledge those who grieve for the loss of family and friends and we call on governments across the world to respond to this crisis as a matter of urgency and move to ensure a safe drug supply, provision of low threshold emergency services, wide distribution of naloxone and decriminalisation of drug use.

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Garth Mullins twitter.com/garthmullins
Harm Reduction International Conference www.hri.global/hr19conference

S04 SpeakEasy with Emma Rafferty: Talking treatment, talking journeys

In this episode of SpeakEasy, Annie and Carla chat to Emma Rafferty who is a Systemic Advocacy Lead at the Association of Participating Service Users (APSU) in Victoria. Emma gives SpeakEasy a ‘backstage pass’ to APSU’s new podcast series “Straight to the Source” and takes us through how the show is working to empower treatment consumers, increase the impact of people's own voices and create sustainable change at the system level.

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SHARC www.sharc.org.au
Straight From the Source podcast www.sharc.org.au/association-of-participating-service-users/podcasts/
VMIAC - Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council www.vmiac.org.au

S04 SpeakEasy: Mary Harrod and Jessica Murray from NUAA and Dancewize

The issue of pill testing at music festivals has literally filled the media this summer and is shaping up as a key issue in the upcoming NSW election campaign. To get the lowdown on this issue from the peer perspective, SpeakEasy sat down with Mary Harrod, NUAA CEO and Jessica Murray, one of the coordinators of NUAA’s Dancewize peer education and harm reduction program.

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NUAA https://nuaa.org.au/

Dancewize NSW https://www.dancewizensw.org.au/

S04 SpeakEasy: 2019 “Not My Family, never My Child” – an interview with Tony Trimingham

In this episode Annie and Carla speak with the awesome Tony Trimingham OAM, CEO of Family Drug Support, founder of the Damien Trimingham Foundation and co-founder of Harm Reduction Australia about supporting families affected by alcohol and other drug issues, International FDS Day and how he became a leading advocate for drug law reform.

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Family Drug Support www.fds.org.au/

International Family Drug Support Day 2019 – Sunday 24 Feb internationalfdsday.fds.org.au/

Sydney – International Family Drug Support Day 2019 (Tuesday 26 Feb) http://internationalfdsday.fds.org.au/2019-events/sydney-nsw-international-family-drug-support-day-2019

Harm Reduction Australia www.harmreductionaustralia.org.au/

Not my child, never my family https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/books/general-books/self-help-practical/Not-My-Family-Never-My-Child-Tony-Trimingham-9781741755251

S04 SpeakEasy: 2019 “Go hell for leather and publish and be damned” – a chat with Jenny Valentish

And we’re back with Season 4 of SpeakEasy! In our first episode for 2019, Carla and Annie speak with writer, author and ‘woman of substance’ Jenny Valentish about her 2017 book, about what it’s like to ‘go public’ about your own drug use, about publishing realities and the response to her book from the media, her family and from other “women of substances”.

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Woman of Substances: A Journey into Addiction and Treatment: www.blackincbooks.com.au/books/woman-substances

SpeakEasy Season Three

Annie Madden and Professor Carla Treloar have dedicated much of their lives to working in taboo fields of research: blood borne viruses and drug users. These two brilliant minds bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge and insight to real world subjects in SpeakEasy, holding engaging conversations with very special guests each episode.

S03 SpeakEasy: 2018 it's a wrap

Annie and Carla wrap up the year that has gone by and reminisce and reflect on all of the guests that have joined them in the SpeakEasy lounge.

S03 SpeakEasy with Fiona Patten

Annie and Carla interview Fiona Patten, the leader of the Reason Party and a long-standing champion of sexual rights, sex worker rights and health issues such as HIV and AIDS. Not one to do things by halves, Fiona is also a small business owner of her own fashion label.

S03 SpeakEasy World AIDS Day Bumper Episode

In today's World Aids Day extravaganza, Annie and Carla interview Asha Persson and Christy Newman, Martin Holt and Limin Mao covering a whole range of issues and cutting-edge research.

S03 SpeakEasy World AIDS Day Bumper Episode: Asha Persson And Christy Newman

In today's World Aids Day extravaganza, Annie and Carla interview Asha Persson and Christy Newman covering a whole range of issues and cutting edge research.

S03 SpeakEasy World AIDS Day Bumper Episode: Martin Holt

In today's World Aids Day extravaganza, Annie and Carla interview Martin Holt covering a whole range of issues and cutting edge research.

S03 SpeakEasy World AIDS Day Bumper Episode: Limin Mao

In today's World Aids Day extravaganza, Annie and Carla interview Limin Mao covering a whole range of issues and cutting edge research.

S03 SpeakEasy INHSU special: John Dillon

Live from INHSU - Strap yourself in – the revolution has arrived – John Dillon puts orthodoxy in the bin at INHSU.

S03 SpeakEasy INHSU special: Judy Chang

Carla and Annie continue to grow their INHSU collection of interviews (and friends), this time sitting down with Judy Chang who is Executive Director of International Network of People Who Use Drugs (INPUD).

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Twitter: @INHepSU
Website: INHSU 2018
Website: International Network of People Who Use Drugs
Publication: “Is Decriminalisation Enough? Drug User Community Voices from Portugal”
Article: Vancouver Declaration

S03 SpeakEasy INHSU special: Michael Ninburg

Carla and Annie continue to grow their INHSU collection of interviews (and friends), this time sitting down with World Hepatitis Alliance President Michael Ninburg.

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Website: INHSU 2018
Website: World Hepatitis Alliance
Paper: White paper, World Hepatitis Alliance – Find the Missing Millions (PDF)
Website: Hepatitis Education Project, Seattle, Washington
Website: CSRH Stigma Indicators Project

S03 SpeakEasy INHSU special: Jonas Demant Hansen and Anne Øvrehus

This week we hear from Jonas Demant Hansen from a Danish NGO for people who use drugs called Brugernes Akademi (The Users Academy) and Anne Øvrehus an infectious diseases physician in Denmark. They are using working by Annie, Carla, Jo Neale and Max Hopwood on Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) to translate this for people who inject in Denmark.

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Website: INHSU 2018

Article: Beyond cure: patient reported outcomes of hepatitis C treatment among people who inject drugs in Australia

Article: Acceptability of Patient-Reported Outcome and Experience Measures for Hepatitis C Treatment Among People Who Use Drugs

S03 SpeakEasy INHSU special: Dr Mark Tyndall

Annie and Carla took the microphones and headed north – to the great INHSU conference in Portugal. This is the first in a series of interviews with passionate, inspiring and subversive people that we found lounging around the conference pool. Our guest today is Dr Mark Tyndall, Executive Director of the Centre for Disease Control in British Columbia, Canada.

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Website: INHSU 2018

Profile: Dr Mark Tyndall

S03 SpeakEasy Episode 7: Dr Nico Clark

Dr Nico Clark, the medical director for the recently opened medically supervised injecting facility in North Richmond, Melbourne, joins Carla Treloar and Annie Madden in the SpeakEasy lounge to discuss the progress of the service since opening and its impact on local people who inject drugs.

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Paper: Accidental Intimacy: Transformative Emotion and the Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre
Info: International Overdose Awareness Day

S03 SpeakEasy Episode 6: World Hepatitis Day 2018 with kylie valentine

Associate Professor kylie valentine, from the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW Sydney, joins Carla Treloar and Annie Madden in the SpeakEasy lounge to give the low down on social policy and the intersection of viral hepatitis this World Hepatitis Day, ahead of kylie's keynote at VH18.

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Paper: Born equal? The distribution of government Medicare spending for children
Info: World Hepatitis Day 2018

S03 SpeakEasy Episode 5: Support Don't Punish Day

Annie and Carla have not one but two special guests for Support Don't Punish Day on Tuesday 26 June. Sione Crawford is the CEO of Harm Reduction Victoria, with previous roles at Hepatitis Victoria and NUAA. Dr Kate Seear is at Monash University where she is an ARC DECRA Fellow, a practicing solicitor, an Associate Professor in Law and an Academic Director of the Springvale Monash Legal Service.

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Report: Inquiry into drug law reform (by the Parliament of Victoria Law, Road and Community Safety Committee) (PDF)
More info: North Richmond Community Health - Medically supervised injecting room

S03 SpeakEasy Episode 4: Emeritus Professor Sue Kippax

Carla and Annie welcome long-time friend Emeritus Professor Sue Kippax to the SpeakEasy lounge. Sue is a pioneer in partnerships between research and community. With an extraordinary academic track record, Sue is internationally recognised for her contribution to the HIV response.

Related links
Article: Kippax, S., & Kinder, P. (2002). Reflexive practice: the relationship between social research and health promotion in HIV prevention. Sex Education, 2, 91-104.  https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14681810220144855
Book: Socializing the biomedical turn in HIV prevention
Profile: Emeritus Professor Sue Kippax

S03 SpeakEasy Episode 3: Dr Marianne Jauncey

In this week's episode, Carla and Annie sit down with the legendary Dr Marianne Jauncey -- director of the medically-supervised injecting centre (MSIC) in Sydney's Kings Cross. The trio discuss the latest in harm reduction, the upcoming MSIC in Richmond, Victoria, Uniting's push for drug law reform and the transformative power of treating people with dignity and respect.

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Overview: Uniting's drug law reform and harm reduction campaign

S3 SpeakEasy Episode 2: Dr Ingrid van Beek AM

This episode, Carla and Annie are speaking with the legendary Dr Ingrid van Beek AM, a true harm reduction pioneer in Australia about her longstanding passion for rights and social justice, her ground-breaking work with the Kirketon Rd Centre (KRC) and the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) and why reforming the drug laws remains as a key priority for her.

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Profile: Dr Ingrid van Beek AM
Report: NSW Drug Summit 1999: Issues and outcomes
Website: Kirketon Road Centre
Read: New medically supervised injecting centre in North Richmond

S3 SpeakEasy Episode 1: the Hon Michael Kirby

To kick off season three of SpeakEasy, the Hon Michael Kirby dropped by the lounge to discuss the landmark report “HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights and Health” and what is happening five years on.

Editor's note: The quote referred to in this episode ("Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come") was made by French author Victor Hugo and not Voltaire as initially thought.

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Profile: The Hon Michael Kirby
Profile: Dr Mandeep Dhaliwal

SpeakEasy Season Two

Annie Madden and Professor Carla Treloar have dedicated much of their lives to working in taboo fields of research: blood borne viruses and drug users. These two brilliant minds bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge and insight to real world subjects in SpeakEasy, holding engaging conversations with very special guests each episode.

S2 SpeakEasy Episode 10: It's a wrap with Annie and Carla

In the final SpeakEasy episode for Season Two, Annie and Carla take a trip down memory lane, reviewing their guests from 2017 (and even 2016), including Dr Kari Lancaster, Professor Alison Ritter, Matt Noffs and Professor Mark Tyndall to create some insight into the changing landscape of drug policy and harm reduction in Australia and around the world.

S2 SpeakEasy Episode 9: Peter Higgs

This week in the Speakeasy lounge Annie and Carla chat to Dr Peter Higgs, Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University and Senior Research Fellow at the Burnett Institute, both in Melbourne. Peter is a well-regarded qualitative researcher, working for over 20 years researching risk and people who inject drugs, particularly in the inner Melbourne suburb of Footscray.

Don't forget to come and find us on our very own Twitter handle - @SpeakEasy_UNSW.

Ep 9 Related Links

Profile: Dr Peter Higgs
Paper: Engagement, reciprocity and advocacy: ethical harm reduction practice in research with injecting drug users
Twitter: Follow Peter: @higgspg

S2 SpeakEasy Episode 8: Alison Ritter

Professor Carla Treloar and Annie Madden chat with Professor Alison Ritter, internationally recognised drug policy scholar and Director of the Drug Policy Modelling Program at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at UNSW. The trio discuss Alison's amazing body of work and her thoughts on carving out new frontiers in drug policy.

Ep 8 Related Links

Website: National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
Website: Drug Policy Modelling Program
Profile: Professor Alison Ritter

S2 SpeakEasy Episode 7: Gino Vumbaca: If you stop, [the penny] will never drop

Gino Vumbaca, President and Co-Founder of Harm Reduction Australia, sits down in the lounge with Carla and Annie to discuss justice reinvestment, starting Harm Reduction Australia and pushing to get pill-testing on the Australian music festival road map.

Ep 7 Related Links
Website: Harm Reduction Australia
Website: Justice Reinvest NSW
Article: Drug testing the dole queue won't help make it shorter
Article: Decriminalisation is the only way to arrest Australia's drug policy
Article: It's time to face the music on Australia's flawed drug policy

S2 SpeakEasy Episode 6: Jason Grebely for World Hepatitis Day 2017

For World Hepatitis Day 2017 we have a very special guest, the indefatigable Jason Grebely. Associate Professor with The Kirby Institute and president of the International Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users, Jason swings by the SpeakEasy studio to discuss the current state of treatment for hepatitis C.

Ep 6 Related Links

Website: International Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users
Conference: INHSU 2017
Journal: INHSU and the International Journal of Drug Policy special edition – coming Sept 2018 – keep an eye out!

S2 SpeakEasy Episode 5: 'Phenethylamines I’ve Known and Loved' and other fantastic journeys…

In this episode, Annie and Carla talk with Dr Stephen Bright about the origins of ethnopharmacology, experimental psychonauts and the quality of reporting on alcohol and other drugs (AOD) issues in the media. We find out about the recently launched "AOD Media Watch" and the amazing work that Stephen and colleagues are doing to end inaccurate and misleading reporting in the media one article at a time.

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Ep 5 related links

Website: AOD Media Watch

S2 SpeakEasy Episode 4: Kate Pinnock: Jailbreak Radio: Making a 'Kinection'

Kate Pinnock, host of the weekly radio program Jailbreak, joins Carla and Annie in the studio to chat about making a radio program that appeals to inmates, as well the launch of 'Caught Up' - a musical collaboration between Aboriginal youth in prison and the award-winning Aboriginal hip-hop group The Last Kinection.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In other exciting news, SpeakEasy is now available to stream and download from iTunes. Click here to stream or download SpeakEasy episodes from Seasons 1 and 2.

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Website: Jailbreak Radio
Facebook: Jailbreak
Website: The Last Kinection

S2 SpeakEasy Episode 3: Annie Madden: When too much psyche-trance is never enough

Earlier this year Annie attended and volunteered at the Rainbow Serpent Festival – a major 5 day music festival in Western Victoria. Listen as Annie and Carla chat all things Rainbow Serpent including the power of community and the importance of harm reduction and pill testing at music festivals.

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The Nest at Rainbow Serpent
Harm Reduction Victoria

S2 Speak Easy Episode 2: Kari Lancaster: The hard is what makes it great

This week the newly crowned Dr Kari Lancaster talks about completing her PhD thesis: both the process and the content. Kari’s work examines the nature of “evidence” in drug policy and how she completed her thesis “by publication”. Looking to the future, what does life have in store post-PhD.

S2 Ep2 Related Links

Thesis: Lancaster, K. (2016).  Problematising the 'evidence-based' drug policy paradigm. http://handle.unsw.edu.au/1959.4/56941
Paper: Lancaster, K., Treloar, C., & Ritter, A. (2017)‘Naloxone works’: The politics of knowledge in ‘evidence-based’ drug policy. Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine. DOI: 10.1177/1363459316688520 
Paper: Lancaster, K., Seer, K., & Treloar, C. (2015). Laws prohibiting peer distribution of injecting equipment in Australia: A critical analysis of their effects. International Journal of Drug Policy, 26(12), 1198 - 1206. DOI: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2015.05.014
Paper: Lancaster, K. (2016). Rethinking recovery. Addiction. DOI10.1111/add.13552
Paper: Lancaster, K., Santana, L., Madden, A., & Ritter, A. (2015). Stigma and subjectivities: Examining the textured relationship between lived experience and opinions about drug policy among people who inject drugs. Drugs: Education, prevention and policy, 22(3), 224-231. DOI: 10.3109/09687637.2014.970516

S2 SpeakEasy Episode 1: Tim Rhodes: Promise and evidence-making interventions

In the first episode of season two, we talk with the awesome Tim Rhodes from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine about his work in Kenya, where he is using qualitative methods to explore the development of harm reduction initiatives, including the recent introduction of methadone assisted therapy. His work seeks to develop a critical approach to using qualitative methods as part of implementation science. We discuss some of the emergent findings from work looking at the multiple meanings of methadone. This work is being conducted with Andy Guise and Rose Closson (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), James Ndimbii (Kenyan Consortium of AIDS Non-Government Organizations), Emmy Kageha (University of Nairobi), Frederick Owiti (physician) and Stefanie Strathdee (University of California at San Diego).

Ep1 Related Links

Paper:  Rhodes T, Closson E F, Paparini S, Guise A, Strathdee S (2016). Towards “evidence-making intervention” approaches in the social science of implementation science: The making of methadone in East Africa, The International Journal of Drug Policy, DOI: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2016.01.002
Paper: Rhodes T, Guise A, Ndimbii J et al. (2015) Is the promise of methadone Kenya’s solution to managing HIV and addiction? BMJ Open, DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2014-007198
Paper: Rhodes T, Ndimbii J, Guise, A et al. (2015) Navigating the poverty of heroin addiction treatment and recovery opportunity in Kenya: Access work, self-care and rationed expectations, Global Public Health, 10: 867-880, DOI: 10.1080/17441692.2015.1046385
Paper: Crawford S. (2013) Shouting through bullet-proof glass: Some reflections on pharmacology provision in one Australian clinic, International Journal of Drug Policy, DOI: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2013.07.004

SpeakEasy Season One

S1 SpeakEasy Episode 12: Annie and Carla Part II – 2016 It’s a Wrap

After a whirlwind year of podcasting, Annie and Carla take a moment to review the highlights of their first season of podcasting with some very special guests.
Editor’s Note: Annie and Carla recorded this session in early November, taking advantage of a small window of time in which both of them were in the same place together. Since then, the top secret embargo referenced throughout the episode has been lifted, and we can announce the success of not one, not two, but three NHMRC grants for projects either led by or involving the CSRH.

Ep 12 Related Links
Article: NHMRC project grant success for CSRH

S1 SpeakEasy Episode 11: The power and the passion: Helen Tyrrell speaks about community organisations in viral hepatitis

Six months after “equal treatment access” was launched for new generation hepatitis C treatments, Helen Tyrrell speaks to Annie and Carla about how it all happened (and much more). Helen is CEO of Hepatitis Australia.

Ep 11 Related Links
Website: Hepatitis Australia

S1 SpeakEasy Episode 10: Show Me the Evidence! A conversation with Prof. Margaret Hellard about life as a public health physician

Professor Margaret Hellard is the Head of the Centre for Population Health at the Burnett Institute. Margaret has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge public health responses to addressing the hepatitis C epidemic among people who inject drugs in Australia including leading a new ambitious study aimed at eliminating hepatitis C as a public health concern in Australia by 2030. Margaret joins Carla & Annie in this latest episode of the SpeakEasy to talk about TAP (her latest research study - not dancing) and why she loves working in public health.

Ep 10 Related Links
Professor Margaret Hellard bio
Treatment And Prevention Study (TAP) 

S1 SpeakEasy Episode 9: An 'Open Mic' with Jenny Kelsall: The 'Straight Dope' on the Value of Peer-2-Peer

In this episode, Annie and Carla speak with the amazing Jenny Kelsall, longstanding CEO of Harm Reduction Victoria the peer-based drug user organisation. They talk about lots of good stuff including the past and future of peer-based drug user orgs and harm reduction, the cutting-edge work and programs of HRVic including 'Dancewise' and its growing base of peer educators at music festivals & events across Melbourne & Victoria.

Ep 9 Related Links
Website: Harm Reduction Victoria
Website: Dancewize
Paper: Snow, K., Scott, N., Clothier, H., MacLachlan, J., B, C., 2016. Limited provision of diagnostic services to Victorians living with hepatitis C antibodies, 2001-2012: a multi-level modelling analysis. Aust N Z J Public Health DOI: 10.1111/1753-6405.12560
Article: Get tested, get treated, Hep C researchers urge

S1 SpeakEasy Episode 8: Matt Noffs: Breaking Through: Changing the nature of the drug debate in Australia

In this episode Carla and Annie have the privilege of speaking with the ultra-impressive Matt Noffs - Executive Director of the Noffs Foundation about what it is like to be a member of the Noffs Family Dynasty, his personal journey, what drives him forward and his hopes for the future of drug policy in Australia.

Ep 8 Related Links
Book: Breaking the ice: How we will get through Australia's methamphetamine crisis
Website: Street University

S1 SpeakEasy Episode 7: Suzanne Fraser: No assumption left unconfronted!

In this episode, Annie and Carla speak to Professor Suzanne Fraser about projects past and current. Suzanne talks about her seminal work on the methadone queue, her book on hepatitis C and her latest project on “addiction” including the website “Lives of Substance” which will open up an array of personal stories of drug use.

Ep 7 Related Links
Article: The chronotope of the queue: Methadone maintenance treatment and the production of time, space and subjects
Book: Substance and Substitution: Methadone Subjects in Liberal Societies
Book: Making Disease, Making Citizens: The Politics of Hepatitis C
Website: Lives of Substance

S1 SpeakEasy Episode 6: Kate Seear: Is justice really blind?

What do 'addiction', the law, podcasting and AFL have in common? Find out by joining Annie and Carla in conversation with the multi-talented Dr Kate Seear (academic, lawyer, podcaster) to talk about research with lawyers, whether drugs & discrimination can ever 'mix' and what new media can achieve. Oh, and football - when in Melbourne...

Ep 6 Related Links
Podcast: The Outer Sanctum
Article: Eddie McGuire, Caroline Wilson and when 'playful banter' goes very, very wrong
Kate Seear's Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) project: Addiction in the Australian legal system: A sociological analysis
Research Article: Beyond criminal law: The multiple constitution of addiction in Australian legislation

S1 SpeakEasy Episode 5: Jo Neale: The PROM Queen

Dr Jo Neale from King's College London is our guest in the SpeakEasy this week. Annie and Carla speak with Jo about "patient reported outcome measures" and why it is important to build measures from the ground up, rather than only relying on what researchers and clinicians think is important. Jo also talks about her work with the Service Users Research Group that actively contributes to the research undertaken at the Addictions Department of Kings College. And, we talk about the work all of us are doing to build a patient reported outcomes measure for new hepatitis C treatments.

Ep 5 Related Links
King's College London - SURE: Substance Use Recovery Evaluator 
SURG - Service Users Research Group
Paper: Neale, J., Vitoratou, S., Finch, E., Lennon, P., Mitcheson, L., Panebianco, D., Rose, D., Strang, J., Wykes, T., Marsden, J., (online) 'Development and validation of 'SURE': A patient reported outcome measure (PROM) for recovery from drug and alcohol dependence', Drug and Alcohol Dependence. http://authors.elsevier.com/sd/article/S0376871616301521
Website: PLuS Alliance

S1 SpeakEasy Episode 4: Carla Treloar In conversation with Eileen Baldry: Prisons, health and justice

In this episode, Carla has the opportunity to speak with Eileen Baldry about her expertise in research within the criminal justice sector and her ideas about what’s needed for reform in this complex area. This is a special presentation of a seminar supported by the Centre for Social Research in Health and the Practical Justice Initiative, UNSW.

S1 SpeakEasy Episode 3: Max Hopwood: Men who have sex with men and hep C

In this episode, Max Hopwood (Research Fellow, Centre for Social Research in Health) discusses his research with men who have sex with men, and the different types of responses we need to address hepatitis C when sex and drugs come together.

Ep 3 Related links
Paper: Drug, sex and sociality: Factors associated with the recent sharing of injecting equipment among gay and bisexual men in Australia
Paper: Mutiple strategies are required to address the information and support needs of gay and bisexual men with hepatitis C in Australia
Paper: Hepatitis C knowledge among gay and other homosexually active men in Australia 
Paper: C Change report
Article: Network nannies, folk pharmacology and lay experts
Project: The 3D project

S1 SpeakEasy Episode 2: World Hepatitis Day: Greg Dore: What’s happening in hep C treatment?

This episode focuses on the ground-breaking new treatments for hepatitis C which currently affects over 230,000 Australians. Professor Greg Dore is Head of the Viral Hepatitis Clinical Research Program at the Kirby Institute, UNSW. Greg joins Annie and Carla for a special World Hepatitis Day episode of the SpeakEasy.
Editor's note:  While recording this episode, we encountered some technical glitches that have shown up in our recording. While we tried our best to fix them, we couldn't get them out so they're immortalised in this episode. We've already taken steps to reduce the risk of this happening again. Thanks for bearing with us during our early days!

Ep 2 Related Links:
Kirby Institute, UNSW
Issue 3 of the Hepatitis C Treatments Newsletter, Kirby Institute
For further info on hep C: 
Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL)
Hepatitis Australia 

S1 SpeakEasy Episode 1: We don't know what we don't know (PART I)

Get to know this new UNSW podcasting duo in a one-on-one interview episode with Annie & Carla including ‘who the hell are they?’, what makes them tick, their hopes and dreams for the future and their plans for world domination with the SpeakEasy with Annie & Carla podcast series. NB We realised during recording that we have so much to talk about, so we plan on continuing this conversation a little later in the season. Stay tuned for more...

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Ep 1 Related Links:
Website: Centre for Social Research in Health, Arts & Social Sciences, UNSW
Website: Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL)
Campaign: Save AIVL
Article: Peer distribution of sterile injecting equipment: UNSW and Monash research supports recent change of laws in three Australian jurisdictions

SpeakEasy with Annie and Carla is produced by Joanna Holcombe at the Centre for Social Research in Health.

ExtraEasy Season Three

Welcome to ExtraEasy, our short, sharp sister show to SpeakEasy. ExtraEasy features hot topics of the moment and issues that have caught Annie Madden & Carla Treloar’s attention each month.

S03 ExtraEasy with Lise Lafferty

Dr Lise Lafferty (CSRH and The Kirby Institute) joins Annie Madden and Professor Carla Treloar to celebrate her participation in the NSW Inspirational Women Showcase and discusses her unconventional path to a career in research.

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2019 NSW Inspirational Women Online Showcase

Lise's video for the Inspirational Women Online Showcase

ExtraEasy Season Two

Welcome to ExtraEasy, our short, sharp sister show to SpeakEasy. ExtraEasy features hot topics of the moment and issues that have caught Annie Madden & Carla Treloar’s attention each month.

S02 ExtraEasy Episode 5: INHSU 2018 recap

Carla and Annie recap on Portugal, the INHSU conference and discuss the issue of drug decriminalisation.

S02 ExtraEasy Episode 4: Look who's suporting drug law reform now

Carla and Annie discuss the latest (and biggest) names globally to get on board with drug law reform, the World Drug Perception Problem report (shoutout to Jason Reed at UKLeap podcast Stop and Search) and Canada's launch of a needle-sharing program in prison.

Related links
Article: Royal College of Physicians backs RSPH calls on drug reform
Report: The world drug perception problem: Countering prejudices about people who use drugs
Podcast: LEAP UK - Stop and Search
Article: Canada to test first needle exchange program in a North American prison

S02 ExtraEasy Episode 3: The times, they are a-changing

Step into the ExtraEasy lounge as Annie and Carla discuss The Greens' statement on legalising cannabis in Australia, as well as the new Changing attitudes, Changing lives report and recommendations on stigma and discrimination for people experiencing problematic alcohol and other drug use led by the Drug Policy Modelling Program at NDARC and published by the Queensland Mental Health Commission.

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Stigma Indicators Monitoring Project
Legal highs: arguments for and against legalising cannabis in Australia
Evaluation of an online injecting drug use stigma intervention targeted at health providers in New South Wales, Australia
Reducing stigma and discrimination for people experiencing problematic alcohol and other drug use
Changing attitudes, changing lives: Options to reduce stigma and discrimination for people experiencing problematic alcohol and other drug use
NADA and NUAA Language Matters guide (PDF)

S02 ExtraEasy Episode 2: Victorian drug law reform report - what happens next?

This week Carla and Annie discuss the tabling of the Victorian drug law reform report and recommendations, as well as biding a sombre farewell to their mentor and friend, Professor David Cooper AO.

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Report: Inquiry into drug law reform (PDF) (by the Parliament of Victoria Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee)
Article: Victorian drug law reform recommendations are welcome – but must include prisoners (from The Conversation)
Article: Vale David Cooper: Australia's pioneer in HIV research 

S2 ExtraEasy Episode 1: Methadone, NSPs and the power of the pool

Listen Up! Carla Treloar and Annie Madden are back with the short, sharp and always on point ExtraEasy! In this first episode for 2018, Carla and Annie talk about the very topical issue of methadone and driving, as well as needle sharing programs in prisons and the positive power of the pool AKA: how to mend a broken heart.

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Article: AOD Media Watch - Search for an angle distorts discussion of drug issues again 
Video: A Current Affair story - methadone and driving 
Video: Harm reduction in prison settings in Luxembourg 

ExtraEasy Season One

Welcome to ExtraEasy, our short, sharp sister show to SpeakEasy. ExtraEasy features hot topics of the moment and issues that have caught Annie Madden & Carla Treloar’s attention each month.

ExtraEasy Episode 8: Drug law reform, ARTB and Twitter, oh my

Annie and Carla discuss the good stuff this episode: the greenlighting of a medically supervised injecting centre in Melbourne, the annual state of play in the Hep C space, Annie's exciting scholarship news and the launch of our very own Twitter (@SpeakEasy_UNSW - come and find us)!

Ep 8 Related Links

Article: Melbourne safe injecting room trial set to get the go-ahead
Report: Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour
Twitter: @SpeakEasy_UNSW

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ExtraEasy Ep 7: INHSU17 wrap

In this special length Extra ExtraEasy episode, Carla and Annie share their favourite moments and vox pops from the INHSU17 Conference held in New York (or really, across the river in New Jersey) at the beginning of September.

In order of appearance in the episode:

ExtraEasy Ep 7 Related Links

Website: INHSU17
Contact: Dr Mark Tyndall

ExtraEasy Episode 6: To eradicate or to eliminate hepatitis C - that is the question

In this episode of ExtraEasy Carla and Annie use vox pops from the recent Australasian Viral Hepatitis Elimination Conference held on 10 - 11 August 2017 in Cairns to highlight some of the key issues discussed at the conference in particular, what is ‘hepatitis C elimination’ and what it will take to achieve it?

Ep 6 Related Links

Twitter: #AVHEC2017 on Twitter
Link: Cairns Heptatis Action Team facebook page

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ExtraEasy Episode 5: The Cochrane Review review and WHO and the UN back decriminalisation

The Cochrane Collaboration assessment of hepatitis C drug trials comes under review from our resident hep C expert Carla Treloar, while Annie Madden digs deeper into the drug decriminalisation debate as the World Health Organisation and the United Nations wade into the debate.

Ep 5 Related Links

Report: Cochrane Review
Article: Media reporting of the Cochrane review
Letter: The Lancet open letter from Australian academics responding to the Cochrane Review
Statement: UN and WHO joint statement on decriminalisation
Report: Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission Illicit Drug Data Report
Article: Decriminalisation is the only way to arrest Australia's drug problem

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ExtraEasy Episode 4: Things are not what they seem

In episode four Annie looks at the latest info to come out of the recent International Harm Reduction Conference in Montreal, while Carla has some interesting observations about the need for training doctors for real world approaches to hepatitis C. Oh, and that time some students made out in the front row of her lecture!

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Ep 4 Related Links

Article: Fentanyl test boosts dose-reduction rate, could lead to fewer overdoses
Watch: Highlights from the 25th Harm Reduction International Conference in Montreal

Episode 3: What do jetlag, rough sleepers and drug checking have in common?

Fresh off the plane from a quick trip to London, Carla has some interesting observations about rough sleepers, pollution and the dissemination of research findings to those it impacts. Meanwhile Annie keeps things local this week, bringing to the discussion the possibility of the first legal pill-testing trial in the ACT later this year.

Ep 3 Related Links

Website: PLuS Alliance
Info: Community Reference Panel
Article: Greens, health professionals hit back at festival pill testing rejectionArticle: Allowing pill testing at the Spilt Milk festival would be a big win for public health

ExtraEasy Ep 2: Making waves in advocacy and research

In episode 2 Annie and Carla cover the recent Australia 21 report and ways in which the world of drug laws could shift and the “rock star” reception for a seminar on analysis of qualitative research given by CSRH visitor, Jo Neale.

Ep 2 Related Links

Report: Australia 21: Can Australia respond to drugs more effectively and safely?

Paper: Neale, J. (2016). Iterative categorization (IC): A systematic technique for analysing qualitative data. Addiction, 111: 1096–1106.  DOI: 10.1111/add.13314

Ep 1: A Mood for Change?

In this very first episode of ExtraEasy, Annie & Carla discuss drug law reform in the mainstream media, why harm reduction issues are ‘hot’ in Victoria right now and highlights from a recent visit to CSRH by Prof. Tim Rhodes, London School of Tropical Medicine, thinking about the future of NSPs.

ExtraEasy Ep 1 Related Links

Article: Law changes are key to cutting drug harm
Paper: Islam, Nazrul et al. (2016) Incidence, risk factors, and prevention of hepatitis C reinfection: a population-based cohort study. The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Volume 2 , Issue 3 , 200 - 210 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S2468-1253(16)30182-0