Committee Membership

The Centre for Social Research in Health has established relationships with other research institutions, universities, government bodies, non-government organisations, and the community, with staff serving on the following committees:


  • African Same-Sex Sexuality and Gender Diversity Conference: Scientific Committee, Peter Aggleton
  • AIDS Fonds, The Netherlands: Scientific Advisory Council, John de Wit
  • AIDS Impact Conferences: International Scientific Committee, John de Wit
  • Association for the Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV: Scientific Advisory Committee, Peter Aggleton (Chair) & Martin Holt; Academy, Limin Mao & Martin Holt
  • European Health Psychology Society Conference: Social Cognition Models Track, John de Wit (Co-Chair)
  • HIV in Europe: Steering Committee, John de Wit
  • International AIDS Conference: Scientific Program Committee, John de Wit; Track D: Social and Political Research, Law, Policy and Human Rights, John de Wit (Co-Chair)
  • International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society: General Assembly, Peter Aggleton
  • International Network of Hepatitis in Substance Users (INHSU) Conference: Organising Committee, Carla Treloar
  • World STI and HIV Congress: Policy and Social Science Track, Peter Aggleton


  • 2015 Australasian Sexual Health Conference: Scientific Committee, Peter Aggleton (Co-Convenor)
  • Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference: Theme B Committee: Managing HIV, Limin Mao; Theme C Committee: Preventing HIV, Martin Holt
  • Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference: Community and Social Research Theme, Carla Treloar (Co-Chair); Organising Committee, Carla Treloar
  • Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations: Biomedical Prevention Policy Reference Group, John de Wit & Martin Holt
  • Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society: BBV and STI Strategic Directions Committee, Carla Treloar
  • Communicable Diseases Network Australia: National Blood-borne Virus and Sexually Transmissible Infections Surveillance Sub-Committee, John de Wit
  • Hepatitis Australia: World Hepatitis Day Advisory Committee & Health Promotion Conference Organising Committee, Carla Treloar


  • ACON: Alcohol and Other Drugs Strategy Working Group, Toby Lea; Board of Directors, John de Wit; Research Ethics Review Committee, Limin Mao
  • ASHM NSW Workforce Development Program: Advisory Committee, Carla Treloar
  • Community Restorative Centre NSW: Jailbreak Consultative Health Project, Carla Treloar
  • Hepatitis NSW: Medical and Research Advisory Panel, Carla Treloar
  • Heterosexual HIV/AIDS Service: Heterosexual HIV/AIDS Advisory Group, Asha Persson
  • Ministry of Health, NSW Government: Ministerial Advisory Committee on Hepatitis - Prevention Sub-Committee, NSP Planning Network & Hepatitis B and C Strategies Implementation Committee, Carla Treloar; Ministerial Advisory Committee on HIV and STI Infections, John de Wit
  • Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service (MHAHS): Advisory Committee, Carla Treloar (Chair)
  • NSW STI in Gay Men Action GROUP (STIGMA): Limin Mao
  • NSW Users & AIDS Association (NUAA): Deregulation of Needle and Syringe Provision Advisory Group, Peer Link Advisory Group & Research Ethics Advisory Group, Carla Treloar; Users’ News Editorial Advisory Committee, Jake Rance; Website Advisory Group, Max Hopwood
  • South East Sydney Local Health District: D&A Consumer Participation Project Advisory Committee, Drug and Alcohol Services Advisory Group & Hepatitis C Health Promotion and Prevention Advisory, Jake Rance; HepCheck 1-2-3 Steering Committee, Carla Treloar
  • St Vincent's Hospital: Stimulant Clinic Evaluation Advisory Group, Carla Treloar
  • Victorian PrEP Accord: Committee, Dean Murphy


  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: Dean's Advisory Committee & Standing Committee, John de Wit; Faculty Academic Board, Martin Holt & Christy Newman; Higher Degree Committee, Loren Brener; Practical Justice Initiative, Peter Aggleton (Director); Professorial Promotion Committee, Peter Aggleton; Research Committee, Carla Treloar; Social Policy Research Centre Research Committee, Asha Persson (External Grants Assessor)
  • The Kirby Institute: Annual Surveillance Report Advisory Committee, Limin Mao
  • UNSW Australia: Healthy University Working Group & Sexual Health Working Group, Peter Aggleton; Human Research Ethics Advisory Panel, Social/Health Research, Limin Mao