Gender and sexuality in education and health: Advocating for equity and social justice

9 Jun 2017

Sex Education Journal

A recently published issue of the journal Sex Education contains key papers from the Australia Forum on Sexuality, Education and Health’s first national conference.

Organised with the support of the UNSW Practical Justice Initiative, and with an open access Editorial Introduction by Tania Ferfolja and Jacqueline Ullman from Western Sydney University, the special issue also contains an In Conversation discussion between Simon Blake and Professor Peter Aggleton from CSRH.

Simon Blake, who is currently chief executive of the National Union of Students in the UK, was previously CEO of Brook, the UK’s larger provider of sexual health services for young people. He will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Australasian Sexual Health Alliance conference in Canberra.

Topics included in the special issue include:

  • The importance of educating young people about HPV vaccination in schools;
  • Teacher positivity towards gender diversity;
  • Parents’ perspectives on sexuality education;
  • The politicisation of Australian queer affirming school curriculum materials;
  • Young people’s perspectives on homophobic language use; and
  • LGBTIQ experiences in tertiary education.

Contributors include Paul Byron, Cristyn Davies, Karyn Fulcher, Kerry Robinson, Barrie Shannon, Rachel Skinner and Andrea Waling

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