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Domestic violence affects LGBTIQ communities at alarming levels – report In The Media - Posted on 3 November 2015

NSW report finds people in non-heterosexual relationships suffer emotional and verbal abuse specific to their gender identity and sexual preferences. John de Wit, Director of the UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health, said the LGBTIQ community was “not immune” from family and domestic violence.

Key findings from the PrEPARE Project 2015 Article - Posted on 1 October 2015

Willingness to use HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) has increased among gay and bisexual men

Transforming the lives of couples of mixed HIV status In The Media - Posted on 23 September 2015

Dr Asha Persson from CSRH reports that people’s views about treatment as prevention have changed significantly in recent years

Response to posters promoting condomless sex when on PrEP In The Media - Posted on 22 September 2015

The posters, created by a group of activists called SeeItClearly2020, also feature a blue Truvada pill and aim to promote condomless sex as safe sex, granted both sexual partners are on a form of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Australia's HIV contraction stabilises but 1,000 a year still turn positive In The Media - Posted on 14 September 2015

Annual Report by The Kirby Institute and Centre of Social Research in Health says a quarter of people who test positive for the virus have had it for at least four years without realising.

'No Blacks' Is Not a Sexual Preference. It's Racism. In The Media - Posted on 11 September 2015

The debate around ‘sexual racism’ is particularly heated within the gay community. UNSW sex researchers Denton Callander, Christy Newman, and Martin Holt asked over 2,000 gay and bisexual Australian men how they felt about race and dating through an online survey.

Queensland Gay Community Periodic Survey Will Return To The Wickham In The Media - Posted on 9 September 2015

Brisbane's iconic Wickham Hotel will again host Gay Community Periodic Survey.

New program in stigma research Article - Posted on 12 July 2015

The Australian Government Department of Health has provided funding for the Centre for Social Research in Health to develop a monitoring framework for stigma in relation to the goals and targets of the suite of national strategies.

Investigating experiences of growing up queer in Australia Article - Posted on 27 March 2015

Professor Peter Aggleton, together with co-investigators from Monash University, the University of Western Australia, and Deakin University, will study the experiences of two different generations of gender and sexual minority youth growing up in Australia.

Take part in the Sydney Gay Community Periodic Survey In The Media - Posted on 20 February 2015

Gay men are being encouraged to take part in the annual Periodic Survey to help gauge the sexual health and wellbeing of the community, conducted by the Centre for Social Research in Health and the Kirby Institute.