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Sex Education special issue open access during July Article - Posted on 5 July 2019

Sex Education journal special issue on sex, sexuality and education in South Africa has open access availability during July.

How pharmacists can promote safe sex amongst young people In The Media - Posted on 11 June 2019

A new survey from researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has revealed changing trends in safe sex practises amongst 15–29 year olds.

Young Australians shun condoms due to 'social norms': survey In The Media - Posted on 28 May 2019

Many young Australians are having sex without condoms and skipping STI checks, but researchers say peer perceptions, not a lack of information, is to blame.

75 per cent of young Australians are not using condoms In The Media - Posted on 28 May 2019

Authors of the report point to “social norms” to explain why so few young Australians are using condoms.

Unsafe sex is rampant among youth under 30 In The Media - Posted on 27 May 2019

Young people are having less sex but for those aged under 30 who do get in the sack, condoms are not commonly used.

Rates of STIs are increasing but young people still don't use condoms In The Media - Posted on 27 May 2019

Young Australians aren't using condoms when they have sex, despite rising rates of sexually transmissible infections.

UNSW Survey finds most young Australians are not using condoms In The Media - Posted on 27 May 2019

The National Debrief Survey questioned heterosexual and LGBTIQ+ youth about their sexual health related practices.

Government 'too incompetent' for digital health In The Media - Posted on 8 May 2019

Mistrust of the government’s ability to manage large scale digital infrastructure projects is making people reluctant to sign up to programs like My Health Record, research has found.

Shush! Confidentiality and anonymity in the NSP/CNP In The Media - Posted on 15 April 2019

Research fellow at the Centre for Social Research in Health at UNSW, Dr Jake Rance, whose research includes looking at trust in NSPs, says trust is essential when talking about decent health care.

CSRH named in new $2.2 million NHMRC Partnership Project Article - Posted on 8 April 2019

Carla Treloar announced as a lead Chief Investigator on new NHMRC Partnership Project.