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CSRH mourns the loss of collaborator and friend Levinia Crooks Article - Posted on 16 October 2017

Today the CSRH mourns the loss of a long term collaborator and advocate for the rights of people living with HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs.

Standard condom sizes are too large for the average penis In The Media - Posted on 15 October 2017

Diminished sensation while using condoms may come down to size.

Most men aren't wearing condoms and now we know why In The Media - Posted on 14 October 2017

Reports suggest men aren’t wearing condoms because of a global sizing problem.

Headspace workers wear purple for a day to support young LGBTIQA people In The Media - Posted on 27 August 2017

Headpace workers wore a variety of shades for Wear it Purple Day to support their local clients.

Why are STIs on the rise in Australia? In The Media - Posted on 16 August 2017

STI rates in Australia and other developed nations are rising at an alarming rate.

Dating apps and the rise of STIs In The Media - Posted on 15 August 2017

The growing popularity of hook-up apps has coincided with a rise in STI rates in many countries.

A note of caution amidst a ‘revolution’ in hepatitis C treatment Article - Posted on 10 August 2017

Addressing stigma in healthcare settings, engaging marginalised communities in prevention, and continuing to trial innovative models of care will all be imperative if the ‘new era’ of hepatitis C treatment is to fulfil its promise, research finds.

The stigma of sex work comes with a high cost Article - Posted on 10 August 2017

For sex workers, legal, cultural and social discourse is characterised by prurience, titillation, outrage and disgust – all the hallmarks of stigma, writes Zahra Zsuzsanna Stardust.

Same-sex marriage: what our leaders could learn from grandma Opinion - Posted on 10 August 2017

If her grandmother could expand her beliefs and see the need for marriage equality, Christy Newman asks, what's our politicians' excuse?

Australia's growing drag performance culture In The Media - Posted on 9 August 2017

Have safe spaces for drag culture evolved to create a more inclusive environment?