Ms Defeng Jin

Postgraduate Research

Research Areas: Health Promotion Development & Evaluation, Living with and Treatment of Serious & Chronic Conditions, Viral Hepatitis, Injecting Drug Use & Harm Reduction

Research Topic: A self-stigma reduction program for individuals with co-occuring major depression and substance abuse disorders
Supervisor: Prof Carla Treloar
Co-Supervisor: Dr Loren Brener

Defeng is a PhD student in the field of health promotion among people with mental health and drug abuse disorders. Her primary focus is to better understand and reduce self-stigma among individuals living with dual diagnosis.

Research Summary

Defeng's PhD topic is to explore the most effective way of providing to individuals with dual diagnosis strategies for developing and maintaining resilience and for rebuilding their social capital. It has potential positive social change implications by identifying factors that influenced self-stigma coping orientations in targeted people.


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Book Chapters

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