Lisa Wojciechowski

Postgraduate Research

Research Areas: HIV & Sexual Health Risk & Risk Reduction, Living with and Treatment of Serious & Chronic Conditions

Research Topic: Young People Living with HIV in Australia: Their Relationship to Their Health and HIV Supports
Supervisor: A/Prof Christy Newman

Degree: PhD
Enrolled: University of Melbourne, School of Social Work
Primary supervisor: Associate Professor Louise Harm

Lisa completed a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Queensland in 2007. She commenced her postgraduate studies in 2015, converting to a PhD in 2016. Lisa is a senior social work clinician with several years experience working with people living with HIV (PLHIV) both in hospital and community based settings. Lisa has also had involvement in joint research projects with the University of Queensland on PLHIV and their experiences of social isolation.

Research summary

The importance of having PLHIV retained in the care cascade (linkage, retention and adherence to medication) is widely accepted. There is, however very little literature about where young people (18-29) living with HIV in Australia are situated on this care cascade. Clinical experience and literature from other countries indicates young PLHIV may have specific clinical and psychosocial needs relating to the management of HIV. This research aims to explore this population in terms of demographics, psychosocial complexity, constructs of health and relationships with service providers in order to better understand the needs of young PLHIV.