Brent Mackie

Postgraduate Research

Graduation Year: 2008

Research Area: Health Promotion Development & Evaluation

Research Topic: Selling safe smut: a research project exploring the effectiveness of sexually explicit HIV/AIDS prevention education campaigns in engaging Sydney gay men

Supervisors: Robert Reynolds and Leong Chang

Description: This project critically examines the question Are HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns more effective at engaging gay men if they use colloquial language and sexually explicit imagery? by investigating the impact of sexually explicit campaigns on the Sydney gay community. The project approaches the question in three parts: 1. A review of literature exploring the circumstances in which and for what reasons sexually explicit HIV/AIDS campaigns are produced. 2. An analysis of seven interviews with producers of HIV prevention campaigns exploring how, why, where and for what reasons explicit campaigns are produced. 3. An analysis of eight interviews with homosexually active Sydney men exploring how HIV prevention campaigns are viewed, consumed and understood.

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