Toby Lea

Postgraduate Research

Graduation Year: 2011

Research Area: HIV & Sexual Health Risk & Risk Reduction

Research Topic: Sexuality, substance use and the scene: an analysis of “post-gay” in same-sex attracted young adults in Sydney, Australia
Supervisor: Prof John de Wit

Co-supervisor: Robert Reynolds

Description: Improved social attitudes towards homosexuality have led some theorists to claim that Western societies are transitioning to a “post-gay” era, where same-sex attracted people no longer need to build an identity around sexual orientation and the lesbian and gay “scene” of bars and nightclubs. In a post-gay era, same-sex attracted people are thought to experience reduced minority stress about their sexuality. This thesis aimed to explore whether post-gay is applicable to same-sex attracted young adults’ experiences with sexual identity, the scene, and substance use. The study was a cross-sectional, online survey of 572 same-sex attracted young adults aged 18 to 25 years in Sydney.

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