Sujith Kumar

Postgraduate Research

Research Area: Sexuality, Health & Education

Research Topic: Sexual citizenship among minority ethnic LGBTQ youth in Australia
Supervisor: E/Prof Peter Aggleton
Co-Supervisor: Dr Joanne Bryant

Sujith’s academic interests lie in social and personal identity, sexual health, and discrimination. He has worked in higher education in Singapore and the USA, and co-led a Singapore-based community organisation focused on LGBTQ-inclusive health and research.

Sujith gained an MTS (Women, Gender, Sexuality & Religion) from Harvard University, an MA (Human Rights Studies) from Columbia University, and a BA (Communication & Media Management) from the University of South Australia.

Research summary

Sexual citizenship, broadly defined, refers to sexual claims of belonging; it considers the intimate and sexual aspect of a person, together with other aspects of their identity, as central to their ability to participate fully in the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen.

While the notion of ‘citizenship’ for LGBTQ populations may historically have been premised on the attainment of equal rights and social acceptance of same-sex practices, identities, and relationships, notions of citizenship among LGBTQ persons in LGBTQ-affirming societies are arguably evolving. The proposed study hopes to describe participants’ local moral worlds and how they are formed, and how this ultimately leads to their sense of (sexual) citizenship and belonging in Australia, particularly at a time where notions of “Australian-ness”, race, ethnicity and multiculturalism are interrogated while legal recognition to gender and sexual minority subjects have been extended.


Kumar, S. (2016, October). Activism and Advocacy? The Purple Alliance Experience. Paper presented at Queer Conference, Yale-NUS College, Singapore.

Kumar, S. (2016, March). Shifting Dynamics: Race, Sexuality and Identity in Singapore. Paper presented at the Equality, Freedom and Tolerance Conference, Singapore Management University, Singapore.

Kumar, S. (2014, March). Race, Affection and the State. Paper presented at the 3rd Biannual Irish Sexuality Studies Conference, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland.

Kumar, S. (2014, April). ‘Papa Don’t Preach’: The attitudes and experiences of queer youth in Singapore on state control of sexual discourse and behaviour. Paper presented at the Conference on Sexuality, Human Rights, Marquette University, Wisconsin.

Kumar, S. (2014, May). Young lesbian, gay, queer and questioning Singaporeans on family, intimate relationships and marriage. Paper presented at the Queer Places, Practices and Lives Symposium, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.