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Associate Professor Christy Newman

Associate Professor
Centre for Social Research in Health


+61 2 9385 4717
311 Goodsell Building
Fields: Culture, Gender, Sexuality, Public Health and Health Services, Sociology, Other Studies in Human Society
Tags: Social Structure and Health, Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society, Health and Support Services

Christy Newman is Associate Professor at the Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Arts and Social Sciences. Additional information is available at: thisnewman.net

Drawing on her background in health sociology and cultural studies, Christy draws on multidisciplinary perspectives to investigate how people ‘do’ health, sexuality and relationships across different social contexts and communities, and how these practices are represented and interpreted through different cultural and professional lenses.

Christy works across a range of collaborative projects, funded by competitive and commissioned grants, particularly in the fields of sexual and reproductive health and blood borne virus prevention and care, and extending to the intersecting fields of sexual and gender diversity, child and family wellbeing, harm reduction, mental health, migrant and refugee health, and Aboriginal health.

Primarily a qualitative social researcher, much of her research has aimed to elucidate the lived experiences of those populations who have been less well engaged by mainstream health and social care systems, and to understand the challenges faced by those clinical, policy and community-based professionals who seek to promote well-being, inclusion and belonging within these complex systems.

Current external roles include Joint Editor-in-Chief of Health Sociology Review (Taylor & Francis), Editorial Board Member of the Journal of the International AIDS Society, Committee Member (and past Convenor) of the Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference 'Social, Cultural and Political Aspects of HIV and Related Infections in the Australasian Region' theme, and Committee Member of the Behavioural Research and Advocacy Stream of the 2018 IUSTI Asia Pacific Sexual Health Congress.

Christy was awarded a University Medal and first class honours for her undergraduate degree in communications (with a focus on cultural studies and comparative literature) from Murdoch University, in her home state of Western Australia, and holds a doctorate in interdisciplinary studies in health, sexuality and culture from UNSW Sydney. She has worked in communications and policy roles in state government agencies, as well as in public relations and issues management for the non-government, government and creative arts sectors.

She has authored more than 80 peer reviewed publications, in addition to reports aimed at community or professional audiences, and has led or contributed to securing over three million dollars in research funding. She was awarded the 2010 Paul Bourke Award for Early Career Research from the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, and the 2017 Mid-Career Interdisciplinary Achiever Award from the Australasian Sexual Health Alliance.

Selected current projects:

  • Critical Perspectives on Serodiscordance in Family Life ["my health, our family: documenting stories of family life in the context of HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C"] (ARC Discovery DP160100134, Lead Investigator)
  • Fostering the sexual well-being of Aboriginal young people by building on social, cultural and personal strengths and resources (ARC Linkage LP170100190, Investigator)
  • Meaningful inclusion of trans and gender diverse populations in cervical cancer screening: A pilot study (Investigator/Mentor)
  • Disentangling the social, legal and ethical barriers to abortion services in New South Wales (Investigator)
  • Understanding disparities in PrEP access (UNSW Collaborative Research Grant, Investigator/Researcher)
  • Belonging and sexual citizenship among gender and sexual minority youth ["Queer Generations"] (ARC Discovery DP150101292, Senior Qualitative Researcher/Mentor)


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Teaching and Supervision

Christy actively mentors junior researchers both within and outside UNSW, and seeks opportunities to train researchers in qualitative and critical approaches to social research. She has supervised four doctoral projects to completion, and another seven are underway. She has taught research methods to undergraduate and higher degree research students, and delivered a range of capacity building and training workshops to a range of end user organisations.

Completed students:

Dr Jamee Newland(graduated 2015):Safety in the silence: A qualitative social network analysis of hepatitis C risk and prevention in three networks of Australians who inject drugs.PhD jointly supervised with Professor Carla Treloar (CSRH).

Dr Dean Murphy(graduated 2014):A child of one’s own’ : enacting kinship among gay men pursuing parenthood through surrogacy. PhD jointly supervised with Dr Asha Persson (CSRH).

Dr Denton Callander(graduated 2014):Just a Preference: Exploring concepts of race among gay men looking for sex or dates online. PhD jointly supervised with Dr Martin Holt (CSRH).Faculty finalist in 2013 'Three Minute Thesis' competition.

Dr Rebecca Gray(graduated 2013):The dynamics of shame: navigating professional complexities when counselling in alcohol and other drug settings.PhD jointly supervised with Dr kylie valentine (Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW).

Current UNSW students:

Jessica Botfield(doctoral candidate)Engaging young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds with sexual and reproductive health care.Enrolled in UNSW School of Social Sciences. Joint supervision with Professor Anthony Zwi (School of Social Sciences) and Dr Alison Rutherford (School of Public Health and Community Medicine).

Jialing (Angela) Cui(doctoral candidate) Cross-cultural perspectives on 'empowerment' among mental health social work practitioners in Sydney and Hong Kong.Enrolled in Centre for Social Research in Health. Joint supervision with Associate Professor Limin Mao and Dr Kari Lancaster (CSRH).

Elan Lazuardi(doctoral candidate)Understanding engagement with HIV care in Indonesian urban ART clinics.Enrolled in The Kirby Institute. Joint supervision with Dr Stephen Bell (Kirby).

Anthony G Smith (doctoral candidate – Scientia) Stakeholder perspectives on PrEP delivery. Joint supervision with Professor Martin Holt (CSRH) andDr Bridget Haire (The Kirby Institute).

Madeline News (doctoral candidate – Scientia) Closing the Gap? Critical perspectives on the implementation of Indigenous self-determination in health policy. Joint supervision with Associate Professor Reuben Bolt and Dr Diana Perche (Nura Gili Indigenous Programs Unit)

Current external students:

Lisa Wojciechowski(doctoral candidate)Young + Positive: Young adults living with HIVin Australia. Enrolled at University of Melbourne's School of Social Work. Joint supervision with Associate Professor Louise Harms.

Catriona Ooi(doctoral candidate)The sexual health and access to care of men who have sex with men (MSM) in western Sydney.Enrolled in Sydney Medical School. Auxiliary (co) supervision with Professor David Lewis (Director of the Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre and Professor at the University of Sydney) and Professor Basil Donovan (The Kirby Institute).

Honours and prizes


Doctor of Philosophy (2004)Looking after yourself: The cultural politics of health magazine reader letters,The University of New South Wales, Sydney, New South Wales.

Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours (1997)Repeat-the-beat: Industries, genres and citizenships in dance music magazines (PDF),Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia.


Mid-Career Interdisciplinary Achiever Award, Australasian Sexual Health Alliance (2017)

Paul Bourke Award for Early Career Research, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (2010)
The Paul Bourke Lecture, August 2011

University Medal in Arts from Murdoch University (1996)

Engagement and Professional contributions

Memberships:The Australian Sociological Association(TASA);International Sociological Association (ISA);ASHM:supporting the Australasian HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health workforce

Current editorial role:Joint Editor-in-Chief ofHealth Sociology Review(Taylor & Francis);Board Member of theJournal of the International AIDS Society.

Current conference organisation roles:Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference'Social, Cultural and Political Aspects of HIV and Related Infections in the Australasian Region' theme, and2018 IUSTI Asia Pacific Sexual Health Congress'Behavioural Research and Advocacy Stream'.

Public lectures:

Queer families: Documenting stories of adversity, diversity and belonging(22 February 2018). 2018 CSRH Sex(uality) Lecture, Part of the 2018 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival. Introduction by The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG and moderated by journalist and writer Amy Coopes. Darlinghurst.

Workforce worries: The changing worlds of HIV medicine and the GPs who provide it(August 2011). Paul Bourke Award for Early Career Research Lecture. Co-sponsored by the UNSW Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Academy of the Social Sciences. UNSW Kensington.

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