The Centre

The Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH), formerly the National Centre in HIV Social Research (NCHSR), is a national and international research leader specialising in the behavioural and social research of health. Established in 1990 by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, CSRH is recognised in particular for its contribution to the Australian response to HIV and hepatitis C. While research regarding the social aspects of HIV, particularly in regard to sexual practice, continues to be a core part of our work, our research program has significantly expanded to include social research related to viral hepatitis and injecting drug use, sexual health, sexuality and education, substance use and mental health, and the health of Aboriginal Australians. Looking forward, we hope to strengthen our achievements in these fields and foster emerging partnerships and extend our activities in broader areas of health-related behavioural and social research.

CSRH undertakes innovative scholarly research and is highly regarded for its multidisciplinary approach, the timeliness and range of its research, and its engagement with communities most affected. Our reputation is built upon quality, made possible by the people who constitute the Centre. This includes our passionate staff, who are experienced in a range of disciplines, and our engaged and motivated postgraduate research students. We are proud to be located in Australia’s most successful research-orientated university, an innovative, intellectual environment where our work has flourished. CSRH is part of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UNSW, which has received top rankings across disciplines and provides a lively and progressive environment, combining outstanding scholarship in foundation disciplines and interdisciplinary fields with a commitment to public engagement and social impact. UNSW is one of Australia’s most successful research-orientated universities, offering an innovative, intellectual environment where our work can flourish.

CSRH has a research budget of $3–4 million per year, allocated to a large number of research projects. CSRH currently employs around twenty research staff who are supported by about eight technical and administrative staff. Research funding is received from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, state health departments and national and international sector organisations. CSRH is also highly successful in attracting competitive grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Australian Research Council, AusAID and other funding bodies. UNSW provides us with operating, infrastructure and strategic funding.